Abode of Kings

Photo series (2016)


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'Abode of Kings' is a photo series focusing on Myanmar's administrative capital city, Naypyidaw (literally meaning 'Abode of Kings', 'Seat of the King', or 'Royal Capital'). Construction of the capital began in relative secrecy in 2002. It was officially declared Myanmar's capital city on 6 November 2005, when most government departments began the move from Yangon at the astrologically auspicious time of 6.37am.


Despite the enormous expense of such a vast project, the city, its 20 lane highways and its 165 acre Water Fountain Garden, remain largely empty. Very few embassies or international organisations have made the transition to such a barren location in the hot central plains, despite 2 hectares being set aside for UN agencies and embassies. So far, only the Bangladeshi embassy has relocated.


© 2016 by Lucy Jonas.