Picture walking into a familiar room, perhaps a bedroom or other comforting setting. You have had time to make it your own- it has folded cloth and ordered objects, placed carefully in rows according to taste and logic.


Two minutes ago you left a cup there on the floor, full of liquid. When you return to the room, the cup has been disturbed somehow. Liquid lies rudely splashed across the floor: cursive and vibrant. A flippant grace note amongst an orchestra or torpid bassoons.


Whoever knocked over the cup took the time to set it upright, but the spill remains, out of sync with the language of its environment.

Cup and a Spill



Photobook (2016 - in progress)

Cup and a spill is an ongoing photobook project, of which the first three pages can be previewed above. The remaining images can be seen below.


© 2016 by Lucy Jonas.