Eight Changes Down (Collage - 2012)

Focus (Collage - 2012)

Dino says Animate! (Collage - 2012)

And/Or (Collage - 2012)

Imbalance #1 (Collage - 2012)

Imbalance #2 (Collage - 2012)

Lycra has a lovely stretch (Collage - 2012)

Pivot (Collage - 2013)


Collage series (2012)

Process is hard but steps are easy- you just put one toe first and push.


Exercises propel the brain into unimagined dimensions. Breathe IN, TWO, THREE, FOUR- and OUT, TWO, THREE, FOUR. Haven't you read the standard operating procedures (SOPs)? They're really just guidelines to being a better person.


Teacher: RTFM?

Student: TL;DR.

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