Writing Update: I've Been Shortlisted!

December 10, 2018


I’m thrilled that my short story ‘Wisdom’ has been shortlisted for Mags4Dorset’s 10th Annual Creative Writing Competition. It was a challenging but immensely fulfilling piece to write.


The competition theme was ‘Plastic Nightmare’, and I’m very glad that Mags4Dorset chose an environmentally conscious theme as their starting point for inspiration. I’m looking forward to reading the other submitted entries, to see the angle they took.


As a very topical political issue, it was interesting to grapple with the idea of a plastic ‘nightmare’, an already loaded phrase. It was especially challenging to put across a coherent story on the issue without sacrificing narrative for political argument. I always find my danger in these situations is overloading the argument, with characters that just become spokespeople for hot-button topics. So it was interesting to try and push past that line, trying to find the emotions and the characters behind an issue that can sometimes feel overwhelming.


It was also my first attempt (as far as I can remember) at writing from the perspective of a character who could be an animal as much as they could be a human. Delving into that trick of perspective was definitely difficult, but I'm glad it gave me the opportunity to try.

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