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How conscientious investors can help the world

I've been really inspired by tickr, an impact investing organisation that help people (especially first-time investors) invest in causes they care about. An economic shift towards a more sustainable and equitable future is a cause that's close to my heart. I really liked the look of their app, and felt it would be a great chance to try to improve even further on the design.

Energy - Food - Water

The full redesign

Finding the scope

I picked a specific section of the app's onboarding process to redesign. As part of choosing your investments, you pick a 'theme' (from 'People', 'Planet', or 'People & Planet'). Before you choose you get to explore more about each theme - its subthemes, top holdings, locations, etc.

I first focused on what I could felt I could build on and improve in the existing flow.

Analysis of the app's current interface - part one

Analysis of the app's current interface - part two

Once I'd made notes, I did quick brainstorming sketches on flow (where is the user coming from? What are the most important next steps?) and the potential architecture of the page. I should be clear that this was a very quick redesign, mostly focusing on UI, so I didn't think too hard about the UX or do as much background research as I normally would. This was more instinctive.

Front page

In the end I split the page, having one intro screen from which users could either proceed with the 'Planet' theme, or explore the three subthemes further.



This was a great 48-hour challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed focusing on the detail of user interface design. Now that I've downloaded the app I'll definitely try investing and putting my money to good use!


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