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Linking historical events through icons

The Quill Project works to research the history and enhance understanding of some of the world's foundational legal texts. I worked with Quill to update their suite of icons that were used in timelines mapping the development of the US Constitution, and for navigating around their website.

As part of this I developed their colour scheme around their central tan colour, and we expanded their brand colours to convey the new subsections of icons (people, procedures, documents and decisions).

Initial colour scheme redesign

I took my main inspiration from a key painting of the signing of the US Constitution, which is a fundamental text in the Quill Project's work.

Timeline icons

Navigation icons

I created navigation icons which were placed throughout the Quill Project's website to help the viewer navigate through different views of the data, or different data sets.

Small Navigation Icons

I also created small versions of the icons for wherever they would be used in micro-format.


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